Together as one from before the breath of our own.

Cretus has traditionally been a knowledge for the select. A fire begins with the spark, but does not spread
without air. Cretus seeks the like-minded to unify for this journey. We encourage those with open intellect
to gather with us and dig deeper.

Disclaimer: We do not force anyone to listen to us, follow us, or join us. You do so on your own regard.

If you are interested in traveling further, you may
reach out to Cretus by contacting


In this new era of Cretus, we have implemented several methods of social outreach in an effort to share our message and enlighten those beyond our traditional scopes.

On September 4, 2015 the first collection of songs from Cretus, DUX MEA LUX, was released to the general public via Pavement Entertainment. The group will perform live in perpetuity for those who wish to witness and learn more. If you are not a part of Cretus and would like to be informed of any upcoming gatherings, you may follow us on the traditional social media outlets listed below.


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For those who would like to follow us in a more traditional manner, you may use the links above to join us online.



Our online resource center offers study materials and links for those wishing to gain a base of knowledge relevant to our message.



Our online community is a place for Cretus followers to gather and exchange information freely to continue mental and spiritual growth.